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Medical Alginate(Wound) Dresssing

Name:Medical Alginate(Wound) Dresssing
Details :

Product Name: Medical Alginate(Wound) Dresssing 


Product Specification Shape: Sheet (P), Flat Strip (B), Hair Bundle (M)

ZSY-1: Alginate(Wound) Dresssing 

ZSY-2:Alginate(Wound) Dresssing  and Medical Biological dressings/film


1. For surgical and infected wound protection.

2. For wound with high volumes of exudate.

3. For chronic wounds like ulcers, bedsores and diabete ulcer.

Features and Benefits:

1. Provide a physical barrier for wounds and avoid bacteria infection.

2. Waterproof, breathable, thin film dressing.

3. Highly conformable dressing.

4. Dressing provides excellent adhesion, yet is gentle to the skin.


A. If it is found that there is stimulation (redness, inflammation), skin softening (skin whitening), hypermicellar tissue (excessive tissue hyperplasia), should  consulte professional nursing personnel.

B. Alginate dressing may be adherent to the wound if it is used for slight bleeding. If the dressing is more difficult to remove,please wet the dressing before removing.
C. Alginate dressings should not be used as surgical sponges, and isn't suit for control large amounts of bleeding, please consider other alternatives in emergency situations of abnormal bleeding.

D. Allergic  patients can't use.

E. If the alginate dressings are soaked through, please change new dressing. At the beginning stage, it is generally necessary to change the dressing daily. When the exudate is reduced, the number of changes will be reduced correspondingly.

F. The product is used for superficial layer dermis  and above

G. contact time : 3-5 days.

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