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Heat and moisture exchanger
Name: Heat and moisture exchanger
Size: Adult、children

Component and Function:


Products Name

Heat and Moisture Exchanger


Filter paper; Sponge; Tracheotomy





1. With high quality.

2. Clear and filter bacteria and dust.

3. Heat storage and keep wet.

4. Avoid the cross infection and lung infections of patients.

5. Apply to all kinds of anesthesia breathing piping system.

Applicable Scope

Anesthesiology department; Pneumology department; ICU

Certification: CE/ISO13485

Component: The Breathing Filter is composed by hull 、filter membrane 、 water absorbability material and thermal insulation material.

Product usage: It is consumables that can be used with breathing machine、anesthesia machine and artificial ventilator. Mainly used for filter bacteria and virus which appeared in the process of operation. It also can adjust and maintain the temperature and humidity of the incoming gas suitability. To avoid the cross infection of anesthesia machine and lung infections of patients.

Never use when package damaged or leaking.
For single use,destroyed after used.

Open the package and take out the product.
Connect it with pipe tee of anesthesia/breathing circuit or anesthesia/breathing machine.
Connect anesthesia/breathing circuit with anesthesia/breathing machine.
According to the need of clinical to anesthetize or oxygen input.

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