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Oxygen Mask
Name: Oxygen Mask
Type: With Nebulizer
Size: Large、 Middle、Small

Component and Function:

Products Name Oxygen Mask
Type With Nebulizer
Size Large; Middle; Small
Product Usage Emergency oxygen; Oxygen after Surgery; Respiratory therapy; Intensive care; Oxygen therapy.
Applicable Scope Anesthesiology department; Operation Room; Emergency room; ICU; Hospital ward and geriatric ward.

Certification: CE/ISO13485

Component and Function: The product is made by medical macromolecule material,including mask、oxygen catheter、interface that connected with central oxygen system、mask fixed rubber bands、attaching clamp for bridge of the nose、oxygen nebulizer(optional)、high concentration oxygen enrichment bag(optional)and so on.


1) Never use when package damaged or leaking.

2) For single use,destroyed after used.

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