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Irrigator Syringe
Name: Irrigator Syringe
Size: 80ml 60ml

Component and Function:

Products Name Medical Disposable Irrigation Syringe
Type Push-rod type; Balloon type
Size 60ml; 80ml
Features 1. With a sterile; Non-toxic; No stimulation reaction.
2. The performance good; Safe and reliable; Simple operation and so on.
Applicable Scope 1. Used for nasal feeding dripfeed and milk.
2. Used for washing wound and gynecological vagina flushing.

Certification: CE/ISO13485


1) For single use,destroyed after used.

2) Open the package and use the product immediately.

3) Each port of the product sterilized by epoxy ethane. Never use when package damaged or leaking.

4) Do not use the product if there are foreign matters in the package.

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