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Tracheal cannula
Name: Tracheal cannula
Type: strengthened by steel wire 、common used
Size: 2.0~9.0

Component and Function:

Products Name High-grade Anesthesia Operation Kits
Type STR-I-03; STR-I-04
Size 2.0~9.0
Configuration Tracheal cannula(Ccommed used; strengthend by steel wire); Suction catheter; Guide wire; Dental pad; Gauze; Medical glove; Suction connecting tube; Syringe; Napkin; Tray
Applicable Scope Used for general anesthesia in anesthesiology department
Optional Laryngoscope blade; Oropharyngeal channel device;

Certification: CE/ISO13485

Type and size: There are four types about our anesthesia operation kit. Each type of anesthesia operation kit has different size according to the size of tracheal cannula. The product is easy to use and can be fit for all kinds of patients.

Side effect and Contraindications: The product is extremely safe without side effect and can not cause adverse reactions. Don’t touch product directly with hand or something not disinfected. The anesthesia operation kit can not be used on laryngospasm patients who didn’t Inhaled muscle relaxant. It also can not be used if erated capsula of tracheal cannula injuring. Do not for repeated use.

Notes and warning:
For single use,destroyed after used.
Open the package and use the product immediately.
Each port of the product sterilized by epoxy ethane. Never use when package damaged or leaking.
Do not use the product if there are foreign matters in the package.
Used under the instruction of anesthesia doctor.

 1) Open the package and take out the product.
 2) Operate according to general anesthesia standard operation procedure.
 3) Connect anesthesia circuit with anesthesia machine.
 4) Connect elbow with tracheal cannula.
 5) According to the need of clinical to carry out anesthesia operation.

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