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Name: NPWT-1
Type: NPWT-1

Component and Function:

Products Name NPWT-1(VSD) (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy  Kits
  1. Medical dressing film is confortable for people .
 Features 2. Reduce tissue oedema and hypoxia state; Back to normal tissue fluid balance.
3. Promote cell membrane expansion and wound lymphatic backflow; Stimulate the blood vessels growth in and healthy granulation tissue formation.
4. Local vacuum goes against bacteria survival; Control faster local infection.
5. Maintain wound into humidity balance; Provide a good healing environment.
6. Help graft with wounds attaching; Reduce scar formation.
7. Reduce the time of dressing change; Shorten the time of treatment, and relieve pain.
8. Effective avoid crossing infection, pollution.
Product Usage The negative pressure drainage of trauma, burns, wounds, bedsore and diabetic foot.
Applicable Scope Traumatology department; Orthopaedics department; Burns surgery; General surgery department

Certification: CE/ISO13485

Applicable scope:
    The product is widely used in traumatology department、orthopaedics department、burns surgery、general surgery department and so on. It has good effect in the treatment of trauma, burns, wounds, bedsore and diabetic foot by the way of negative pressure drainage.

   All kinds of active bleeding wound, the wound was not debridement、necrosis scabby wound、
    the wound edges with tumor tissue、sinus interlinked with organ、great vessels or organ exposed to trauma surface. Function and advantages:

1 Drainage
a. Draining percolate
b. Reduce tissue oedema.
c. Reduce hypoxia state.
d. Eliminate what is disadvantageous to the healing of the trauma face in the trauma liquid.

2、Stretch effect of Negative pressure
a. Cell membrane expansion:stimulate the current signal transmissioning to the nucleus.
b. Cell secrete healing growth factor including vascular growth factor.
c. Stimulate the blood vesselsˊgrowth in,healthy Granulation tissue formation.
d. Provide a base for the growth of new epithelial cells and skin grafts.
e. Promote wound lymphatic backflow.

3.Negative pressure controls bacterial growth for wound:
a. Local vacuum goes against bacteria survival
b. Promoting leukocytes and fibroblasts into the wound
c. Special leukocytes can be seen by wound, and matter is composed of fiber organization

4. Protecting wound:
a. Provide a good healing environment
b. Maintain wound into humidity balancing
c. Increase local capillary blood flow and venous return

5. To wound of needed surgery help:
a. Control faster local infection
b. Help graft with wounds attaching
c. Reducing cicatrization, speeding for healing wound 

6、Nursing advantage
a. Reduce the time of dressing change,shorten the time of treatment,and relieve pain.
b. Effective avoid crossing infection, pollution.

 1. Biological dressing canˊt stick to the skin which is wet or not clean.Please keep the skin dry and clean.
2. If the wound area has too much liquid, can take a method to seal up,that is connecting the negative pressure origin first,and sticking Biological wound dressings later。

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