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Medical sponge
Name: Medical sponge
Type: NPWT-5

Component and Function:


Product Description

Products Name Medical Drainage Sponge
Size 30x20cm; 20x15cm; 15x5cm; 7.5x5cm
Features and advantages 1. Soft, Comfortable & Painless.
2. No fiber and crumbs will drop during surgery, with high quality.
3. Better biocompatibility and no rejection reaction.
4. Effective avoid crossing infection, pollution.
Product Usage The negative pressure drainage of trauma, burns, wounds, bedsore and diabetic foot.
Applicable Scope Traumatology department; Orthopaedics department; Burns surgery; General surgery department

Certification: CE/ISO13485



1. Biological dressing can't stick to the skin which is wet or not clean. Please keep the skin dry and clean.

2. If the wound area has too much liquid, can take a method to seal up, that is connecting the negative pressure originfirst, and sticking Biological wound dressings later.

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