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Minimally Invasive Craniocerebral Drainage System(NSYL-II)
Name: Minimally Invasive Craniocerebral Drainage System(NSYL-II)
Size: F8、F10、F12、F14、F16

Component and Function:

Applicable scope: After craniocerebral operation,Drainage of cerebrospinal fluid and hydrocephalus, Brain hematoma or intracerebral hemorrhage caused by hypertensive intracerebral or craniocerebra trauma.

1)Drainage tube is made by imported medical material, It is transparent、high strength、smooth and clean、scale clear、view convenience、bio-compatible well、tissue response to low、effectively reduce the infection rate; Applicable to the different drainage occasions.

2) The air filter on top of drainage bottle can keep the pressure balance inside and outside of drainage system; Effectively avoid countercurrent infection caused by cerebrospinal fluid contamination and jams. There without siphon and craniocerebral negative pressure in the process of drainage.

3) The design of drainage bottle with slide can accurate control pressure of drainage, and to match up the accurate drainage pressure (height) set, when the pressure is over, the system will automatically drainage.

4) Effective controlling flow, and by regulating the led the height of the drainage bottle the doctor controls flow of cerebrospinal fluid in unit ,and by controlling clip with fluid periodically.

5)Through the pipe tee can connect drainage system and appliance like pressure monitor and so on,monitor the changing of cranial pressure in the drainage process in real-time.

6)Accurate positioning design: Equipped with rod design, convenient design with accurate position zero.

7)With the lifting rope and adjustable height,providing convenience for drainage operation.

8)With special pipe joint,that is convenient for the pipe fixing、connecting the drainage tube with pipe-tee and joining operation of the Drainage system.

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